Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is one of two advisory groups to the pastor of St. Matthew. The other is the Finance Council. Pastoral Council’s primary purpose is to represent the parishioners and serve as an advisory council to the pastor on matters related to the church. It is made up of 13 parish members, including a representative from the youth community and a member from the Finance Council. Members are either selected through an application and interview process or appointed by the pastor. Each serves a three-year term. Pastoral Council meets every two months and on an ad-hoc basis as needed. Members are asked to be active in parish activities and ministries.

Current members of the St. Matthew Pastoral Council are:

Mark Schuler, Chairperson, 704-540-7882
Bob Bowles
Doug Robertson
Gerard Eckhardt
Lisa Kowitt
Meredith Ellisor
Kellianne Nagy
Paul Burley
Stephanie Levin
Kevin O’Herron
Krista Jasso
Sara Archer
Janet Riggs
Richard White
Ann Ibekwe
Francis Ahn