Elementary (K-5)

Elementary (K-5)   

Director, Preschool through Grade 8:  Diane Kiradjieff 704-543-7677 x 1038

Welcome to St. Matthew Elementary Faith Formation Program!  The early elementary years focus on supporting parents in preparing their child for reception of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.  The later years introduce the concepts of discipleship, service and Catholic doctrine that helps us live out these sacraments!  Our Elementary team is dedicated to praying for your child and family as you help them embrace the Catholic Faith!

Elementary Curriculum: Pflaum Gospel Weeklies, www.pflaumweeklies.com

Pflaum Gospel Weeklies is a liturgically based series of lessons based on the Gospel reading for the upcoming week, so we encourage you to review with your child the handout that comes home each week to connect their faith formation education with their church experience. The Pflaum Gospel Weeklies also discuss current events, family values, and social issues that pertain to your child’s daily life. Pflaum provides a supplemental handbook for these discussions on “What the Church Believes & Teaches” to reinforce our Catholic Doctrine. This handbook will go home at the end of the school year.

We encourage families to subscribe to Pflaum’s “Gospel at Home” to further live out the Gospel message each week!  Choose the “Parent” link at http://www.pflaumweeklies.com

To learn more about Pflaum Weeklies and special events during your child’s grade level please click one of the links below!


Grades 1 and 2 (Both required in preparation for First Communion)           

Grades 3, 4 and 5       


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