Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Service Report Form

The 6th grade curriculum immerses students in a full year of scripture study in the Old Testament. Students learn and practice the skills needed to read, understand and appreciate God’s inspired Word. By examining how God revealed Himself to His chosen people, students are able to investigate the history and faith stories of the Hebrew people and see how God prepared to reveal Himself fully through His Son, Jesus. In the spring, a model Seder is celebrated to bring to life the story of the Israelites’ slavery in Egypt and their subsequent freedom. Completion of one service report is required in sixth grade. (Click PDF link)
Book:  We Believe: We Are God's People, Sadlier, www.sadlierreligion.com/webelieve

Grade 6 Coordinator:  Theresa Benson  704-543-7677 x 1044

Pre-Confirmation 1 (typically the year following 6th grade)
This curriculum blends teachings of the New Testament (fulfillment of God’s plan of salvation through Christ; God the Father, Son and Spirit; evangelization) with Catholic practices that keep Jesus’ teachings alive in today’s Church (sacraments; living as one in the Church; mercy, justice and peace; discipleship; prayer). Completion of two service reports is required in seventh grade. (Click PDF link above)
Book:  We Live Our Faith: As Disciples of Jesus, Sadlier, www.sadlierreligion.com/liveourfaith

Pre-Confirmation Coordinator:  Donna DeCarlo 704-543-7677 x 1001

Pre-Confirmation 2
This is the second year of required Confirmation preparation. Completion of three service reports is required in eighth grade. (Click PDF link above)
Options include:

Classroom Setting
The Pre-Confirmation 2 curriculum reveals that how we live today as Catholic Christians was modeled by the Church throughout its history: the early Church as described in the Acts of the Apostles; ecumenical councils; crisis/reform/renewal/growth in the Church. Students learn that today’s Church continues to transform the world. The commandments, Catholic social teachings, sacraments, prayer, and the communion of saints guide us as we make important choices in our daily lives. Classes include discussions of moral decision-making based on Catholic principles. Students also develop skills and attitudes to strengthen their abilities to grow as disciples of Jesus. During this course, students begin preparation for 9th grade Confirmation classes. Therefore, consistent attendance is mandatory.
Book: We Live Our Faith: As Members of the Church, Sadlier, www.sadlierreligion.com/liveourfaith
 (Monday and Tuesday late sessions only)
The EDGE program offers an alternative setting for Pre-Confirmation 2 students. Students explore the same topics and concepts as students in the 8th grade classroom setting (the early Church; ecumenical councils; crisis/reform/renewal/growth in the Church) in an engaging and interactive format that fosters a sense of community within their group. Participants are placed in small groups for discussions and activities. During this course, students begin preparation for 9th grade Confirmation classes. Therefore, consistent attendance is mandatory.

Bible and Church
High school students who did not complete Pre-Confirmation 1 and Pre-Confirmation 2 covering the Bible and Church history will be placed in the Bible and Church (BC) course. It is critical for students to study Scripture and Tradition in order to grow in their love for God and to be equipped to share and defend their beliefs as Catholic Christians. The BC curriculum includes these important topics and concepts: Bible, Trinity, Early Church, Mary, Sacraments, Mass, Commandments, Beatitudes, and Prayer. Students are given the opportunity to learn about basic Catholic teachings in an environment that encourages them to explore, share, and discuss how those teachings impact their lives. Therefore, consistent attendance is mandatory. Completion of three service reports is required in the Bible and Church course, as is monthly parent class participation.
Book: Faith Fusion, Our Sunday Visitor, www.osvcurriculum.com/faithfusion

Xtreme EDGE Coordinator: Theresa Benson 704-543-7677 x 1044

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