Youth Ministry

Celebrate with Life TeenSt. Matthew Youth Ministry is committed to providing our teens with opportunities for personal growth through catechesis (religious education), fellowship, service, outreach and leadership.

The Mass                                         Sundays at 5:30 pm
At the Sunday 5:30 pm Mass, teens and their families experience the depth of God’s love through the Word, the community and the Eucharist. Relevant preaching and contemporary music bring the Catholic Mass to life.

Life Nights                                       Sundays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm
These creative nights bring our Catholic faith to life and break open relevant issues for teens. Teens openly share and experience what it is to be a Catholic teen today. All catechetical nights are presented in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church and provide a comprehensive scope of topics. The teens are affirmed, educated and challenged to live the Gospel.

Service Events for Teens at St. Matthew
There are a multitude of opportunities to serve God by serving others with St. Matthew.  A calendar of service opportunities can be found on the REACH ministry calendar.  Visit the REACH calendar now!

Strengths Quest
This program helps teens discover who God is calling them to be! We are each uniquely and perfectly made, and Strengths Quest can help us see how. Through a brief on-line assessment developed by the Gallup Organization, teens discover their top five God-given strengths. After taking the assessment, teens attend a one-time three hour gathering that covers how to apply these strengths to become more engaged in the parish, find fulfilling ways to volunteer in the community, develop stronger relationships, find more success with school work, and more. It’s a fast-paced course with lots of discussion and self-discovery, lots of great snacks and a whole lot of Holy Spirit! Click here for upcoming dates!

Teens 'n' Tutoring                    
High school teens volunteer as tutors for students in grades one through five, strengthening basic math and reading skills. Two sessions are offered; one in the fall and one in the spring. Registration days and times for each session will be posted on the website and in the parish bulletin.



Summer Events

Steubenville ATL Conference - July 10-12

This amazing weekend conference includes some of the best speakers, music, and worship that is available to Catholic youth universally. The event is so high energy that you can’t help being inspired to live more deeply and more fully.  Life only gets better after this awesome weekend! Click here for permission slip.

Life Teen Summer Camp - July 13-18 (Full)

Summer Camp with Life Teen is an incredible experience. For over 10 years, Life Teen Summer Camp has provided an experience where our high school youth are able to be free and confident in themselves, develop new friendships with others in our parish, and encounter God working in their lives. Through camp, you can begin to experience a bigger and better life than you ever thought possible. Click here for a registration form..

Catholic HEART Workcamp - July 19-25 (Full)

Catholic HEART Workcamp is a national organization that combines service, worship, friendship, and fun in a retreat-like setting. Participants will travel to Charleston, SC, to work, play and pray with other teens from across the nation from July 19-25. The cost is $400, with scholarships available.

CHWC Application Form




 **High School Youth Minister  Mark Bartholet  704-543-7677 x 1052

Check out Life Teen International's website!