Leadership: We, the clergy, staff and leaders of St. Matthew have been placed in our roles by God to do His will for our Parish. We promise to use our God-given natural and spiritual gifts as leaders and focus our efforts on fostering a greater spirituality within our parishioners and ministries beginning today.

Clergy, Staff and Leadership will …

Teach the Catholic Faith
We will teach our Catholic faith in homilies, written, spoken and online communications: in faith formation, adult course offerings and in prayer, devotional and liturgical gatherings. We will be creative in our teaching methods and modes in order to reach all of our parishioners in a relevant way. We will encourage parishioners to study their faith for deeper understanding and help them to understand the Mass for full, active and conscious participation in this holy mystery.

Foster a Deeper Spirituality
We will invoke the Holy Spirit to guide us as we enhance our worship experiences within our ministry work and liturgical gatherings to foster a deeper spirituality in our parishioners and ministers. We will invite and challenge our parishioners to discover, develop and use their unique God-given gifts, deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ and more fully live their baptismal call. We will encourage our parishioners to become spiritually-committed people of God.

Cultivate an open and welcoming atmosphere
We will be friendly and hospitable to all we meet (Christ-like) and influence our parish and ministry environments. We will focus on building a strong, engaged faith community within the ministries we serve as well as the whole parish, where everyone feels they belong. We will be role models in our worship experiences and offer opportunities for our community to reach out to each other in love. “Be Nice!”

Be good stewards of parishioners’ gifts of time, talent, and treasure
We will always be cognizant of and thankful for our parishioners’ loving sacrifices of time, talent and treasure. We will offer opportunities for parishioners to share their God-given gifts and promise to be good stewards of these gifts, always with an “Attitude of Gratitude.” We will provide opportunities to celebrate the generosity of our community. We are one body in Christ!

Parishioners: I am a child of God and a brother or sister in Christ to all in my Parish family of St. Matthew and the world. As my personal Covenant with God and my Parish family, I promise to be an example for others in my faith journey beginning today.

As a member of St. Matthew, I will …

Attend and participate in Sunday Mass and Holy Days of Obligation
I know that our Eucharistic Celebrations are the foundation of our Faith and the most powerful builder of community and my personal relationship with our Lord. I will attend and fully participate in Sunday Mass each week and Holy Days of Obligation. I will learn about the liturgy and the Eucharist so that I may understand, appreciate and participate more fully in this Holy Mystery.

Grow deeper in Faith and Spirituality
I know that developing my spiritual life goes beyond attending Sunday Mass each week.  I will become a spiritually-committed person, giving my life more meaning, purpose and inner peace. I will make my faith a part of my everyday life by: praying daily to the Holy Spirit to awaken His spirit within me so that I may do His will; by reading scripture, attending faith enrichment opportunities and encouraging others to do the same. I will develop my God-given natural and spiritual gifts and use them to put my faith in action.

Be welcoming to fellow parishioners and the world at large
I will be more open, friendly and hospitable to all I meet (Christ-like) especially those I encounter at Mass each Sunday and the vulnerable. I will extend this spirit of welcoming and hospitality to my home, work and all of my environments. I will influence my environments to be more Christ-like rather than let my environments influence me. I will care for and make others feel important because we are all children of God.

Share time, talent and treasure
I will reprioritize my life to make God number one. I will be intentional and planned in sharing my financial gifts. I will foster Christian friendships, generate a renewed commitment to my faith and use my gifts by being an active member of a ministry or smaller community within St. Matthew.  I have been given these gifts of time, talent and treasure by God for God and His people. I am here to make a difference.