Hosted by our own St. Matthew teens, these video shorts will offer kids (and parents) a great way to connect with Jesus, explore His Word each Sunday and discover how to live life as an awesome Catholic Kid! If you are a teen who would be interested in hosting one of the CKC videos, please reach out to Diane!

Oct. 17: TRULY GREAT Service

Ordinary Time 2021: Jan. 17 to Feb. 14

Jan. 17: Choosing Good Friends 

Jan. 24: Being A Good Friend 

Jan. 31: Power of Good Habits 

Feb 7: Power of Prayer! 

Feb. 14: Seven Gifts  

Lent 2021: Feb. 21 to Mar. 28

Feb. 21: Time to Prepare! 

Feb. 28: How to Glow! 

Mar. 7: Cleaning Our Temple 

Mar. 14: God’s Really Big Love 

Mar. 21: Take A Knee for Jesus!  

Mar. 28: Palm Sunday – Let’s Talk Donkeys! 

Apr. 1: Holy Thursday 

Easter 2021: Apr. 4 to May 23

Apr. 4: Easter Sunday! Alleluia! 

Apr. 11: Divine Mercy SundayJesus, I Trust in You!

Apr. 18: Alleluia People! 

Apr. 25: Listening for Jesus 

May 2: Fruits of the Spirit 

May 9: Friendships 

May 16: The Ascension 

May 23: Pentecost Sunday – Happy Birthday! 

Solemnities and Ordinary Time 2021: May 30 to June 27

May 30: The Holy Trinity 

June 6: Corpus Christi 

June 13: The Mustard Seed 

June 20: Happy Father’s Day! 

June 27: Miracles! 

Ordinary Time 2021: July 4 to August 29

July 4: Independence Day 

July 11: Two by Two 

July 18: Stop and Rest 

July 25: Never Ending Power 

Aug. 1: Everlasting Food 

Aug. 8: Heaven Watching 

Aug. 15: The Christmas Prayer 

Aug. 22: YES with Jesus Power

Aug 29: Word Power