St. Matthew Catholic School is part of Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools (MACS), a centralized, regional system of Catholic schools in the Charlotte area that includes eight schools. All admissions to St. Matthew are handled through the MACS Admissions Office. New students are admitted to our school after the completion of testing administered by ABC Tutoring and Educational Services. The Director of Admissions for MACS and the school principal review records and testing information to determine acceptance to our school. St. Matthew does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, gender or religion. Priority for admission is given to Catholic students whose parents are participating Catholics in their parish.

Applications are made available in December and will be accepted at the beginning of January. The deadline for the Early Admission Period is Jan. 31. For additional admissions information, please contact the MACS Director of Admissions at 704-370-3273.

St. Matthew Catholic Church Policy Regarding MACS

In order to be considered an active, participating member of St. Matthew Parish and thus eligible for MACS tuition assistance and sacramental sponsor eligibility, St. Matthew takes into account a family’s or individual’s ministry involvement and Mass attendance. Since weekly Mass attendance envelopes are the primary way we determine if parishioners are regularly attending Mass, we ask that if you can’t make a financial contribution on a given Sunday that you still place your envelope in the collection basket so that we can record your attendance. If you are using Faith Direct, please use the personalized offertory cards provided to indicate your Mass attendance.