Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP)
The CRHP program is a unique, parish-based faith renewal experience for men and women. You will grow in discipleship and come away with a renewed spirit and renewed faith. This retreat will be a gift to yourself, your family and your community.
We invite YOU to join the nearly 1,000 parishioners who have attended Christ Renews His Parish retreats at St Matthew. For more information and to register online, visit this page on our website.
Women’s Christ Renews His Parish Oct. 22 to 23
Men’s Christ Renews His Parish Nov. 5 to 6

What past participants are saying about CRHP :
 Gained lifelong friends
 Made the parish smaller for me
 Helped me deepen my faith
 Father’s talk about reconciliation
 Reminded me what’s really important
 Thought I couldn’t spare 24 hours – I was
 Deepened my love of God
 Food!
 Humbled by speakers who shared their journeys
with Christ
 My family noticed a change in me, for the better
Pray and think about attending.