Wednesday, July 31, 7 to 9 pm

NLC Banquet Room


Vibrant Faith in a Secular Age:
Today’s Challenges for Parents,
Families, and Parish Leaders (7 pm)

This talk engages the challenges we, our children, and our friends constantly face from the secular culture – challenges that, if not addressed, can choke the life of faith in the people we love.

  • Why do I need a church? Can’t I be spiritual on my own?
  • Isn’t one religion just as good as another?
  • Isn’t each person free to make up his own morality?
  • Why does the Church talk so much about human life, sex and marriage? Shouldn’t we just be tolerant and get along with everyone?

This engaging and thought-provoking talk shows how parish ministry and faith formation in the home cannot be “business as usual.” We cannot simply teach the truth. We must pass on the Faith in a way that anticipates the cultural influences that affect the life of faith and give people the tools to thrive as intentional Catholics in a relativistic world.

No Greater Love (8 pm)

St. John Paul II said Christ’s passion is the fullest revelation of God’s love. It is also the fullest revelation of the love we are called to live – in our marriages, within our families, in the workplace, and in our parishes. How do we conform our daily lives to Christ? Learn how to find your life story in the climax of Christ’s story.

Note that there is a 15-minute break between talks.

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