We know that the desire to attend Mass and receive the Eucharist is deep in the heart of every parishioner. As we carefully work through the process of sharing the sacraments and reopening the parish in the safest way possible, we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. Please continue to pray for our parish family, for a true sense of peace and grace that comes only from Our Lord.

Is it possible to have more spaces available for people to receive Communion?

Our Covid-19 Task Force has established careful protocols to protect those receiving Communion and the priests and deacons helping to distribute Communion, as well as ensuring reverence of the Eucharist. Spaces are thus limited because of the time needed.

Why are people allowed to sign up for more than one opportunity to receive?

We are actively calling all those who have signed up for multiple times and making those slots available, so that as many people as possible can receive. Please continue to watch for openings and opportunities to be added to a waitlist on the SignUp Genius.

Why don’t we have more Communion stations for Communion?

To ensure the safe and reverent distribution of the Eucharist only priests and deacons will be giving Communion. We cannot expose our Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) to the risks that would be involved with giving Communion to multiple people. Many of our EMHCs are in vulnerable categories themselves. Under Phase I, we continue to operate under restrictions in our ministries.

Why is Communion being distributed outdoors?

It is safer for people to gather outside rather than in the church. For the safety of our parishioners we are offering Communion outdoors where surfaces do not need to be sanitized as they would indoors. We are offering Communion outdoors in an effort to allow for as many people as possible to receive safely. Under the current government restrictions of Phase I, worship services in church buildings are limited to 10 or fewer people.

Can we have low-gluten hosts?

To receive a low-gluten host on weekends only, you must give the office (704-543-7677) advanced notification by Wednesday at noon to arrange for this option.

Can Communion be received on the tongue?

The faithful of the diocese retain the right to receive Holy Communion either in the hand or on the tongue. The priest or deacon will carefully sanitize his hands before and after each communicant receives the host.

Can we receive more than one host and take back to the car for family members?

Unfortunately, not. Please contact the office (704-543-7677) regarding anyone with special needs.

Where do we park?

Please park in front of the church and use caution and safety when driving in the parking lot.