Welcome!  Whether you are an @HOME family, or an @MATT family who will be missing a session, here is your spot for lesson resources.  This webpage is a work in progress – like our faith!  If you have a question, or notice something missing, please reach out to your child’s grade level or program coordinator!

Preschool, Kindergarten and Year 1: Lisa Tavares

Year 2 and RCIC (First Reconciliation/First Holy Eucharist): Lori Mathews

3rd, 4th and 5th Grades: Michelle Lyberg

Middle School Edge and Confirmation: Avery Utz

RCIT: Diane Kiradjieff

Life Teen: Lauren Piercefield

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Week 1 (Sessions from Oct. 11-14)

ELEMENTARY You Are Blessed!

Our greatest blessing is the gift of life.  These lessons explore the many blessings God has given us: our family, our church, the sacraments and the beautiful world we call home!

ELEMENTARY LIVE IT: Lunch-To-Go Instructions

EDGE To The Heights

We begin our journey, and start to learn about Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati.  Using one of his passions – moutain climbing – we will explore the blessing of our Catholic Mass culminating in the “summit” of our faith: the Eucharist.


We open our time of preparation for First Reconciliaiton by looking closely at all the seven sacraments.  Don’t forget to Journal with Jesus in your Blessed Book!

RCIT Why Am I Here?

There are many questions that burn in the hearts of all those who deeply desire fulfillment for their lives. In this opening segment of “Chosen,” the question becomes personal: What are you looking for?  Parents you will need to sign in via the email sent to you from Ascension Press.

Week 2 (Sessions from Oct. 18-21)

ELEMENTARY Be The Best Version of YOU (Part 1)!

God gave us the gift of free will.  This week we will explore the choices we make, and the help that God has given us to make the right choices: our church family, the Commandments, the Holy Spirit in the sacraments and Jesus in the Eucharist.

EDGE Navigating the Terrain

Any good journey begins with knowing the physical terrain, and that’s where we begin.  The beauty of our Catholic faith is the universality of it – that we can walk into any Catholic church in the world and know there are certain things we will always find that make us feel at home.

EDGE Churches Around the World


God wants us to be a good decision maker.  We will explore the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments, and then hear about when Jesus gave us the Great Commandment.

SACRAMENTAL PREP The Ten Commandments and What They Mean

RCIT What Makes Me Happy?

What makes you happy? In the previous sessions, the conclusion was established that everyone really wants happiness. So in this session, you are asked what will really bring you true happiness.

Week 3 (Sessions from Oct. 25-28)

ELEMENTARY Be The Best Version of You (Part 2)

We continue to learn about choices that help us be the best version of ourselves by exploring the saints – we’ll look at their habits of prayer, following the Commandments, living the Beatitudes and being kind and loving.

ELEMENTARY Backbands and M&M Prayer

EDGE The Approach

Determining whether a journey is successful or not depends upon how you approach it, how you prepare – body, mind and spirit.  This week, Fr. Peter and Fr. Davis will help us think about our approach and how we prepare for the Mass.

EDGE Priest Video (coming soon!)


We continue to look at our choices, and examine these questions: What does it mean to be tempted?  What is a sin?  What is my conscience?  What is grace?

SACRAMENTAL PREP Accident, Sin or Mistake?

RCIT What’s Your Story, God?

Everyone has a story, even God. This session sketches the greatest love story of all time by telling the history of salvation. It is a beautiful depiction of God’s incredible love for you, which tells the truth that you are worth saving and loving into eternity.