Family Connections Ministry seeks to connect and engage the families of our parish to build community through spiritual, social and service opportunities.  Whether you are parents of toddlers, preschoolers, elementary aged children, middle schoolers or high schoolers … there is something here for you!

Ministry Support: Brenda Kresak, Marin O’Brien, Lindsay Spokas,

We invite you to reach out to help us in planning, preparing and enjoying the family events!

St. Matthew Staff Support: Amy Bojarski, 704-543-7677 ext. 1061

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Let’s Serve Together… Join the Faith Formation staff in supporting the efforts of those sustaining the weakest members of our Charlotte community, the homeless. Urban Ministry Center & The Men’s Shelter need our HELP! Select one, two, or ALL three of the following options:


ANOTHER SERVICE IDEA!!! Please join us in creating CHEER CARDS for the nursing home residents that St. Matthew Parish serves.


Click HERE for St. Matthew’s “BE THE CHURCH” outreach page!

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