The Catholic Church teaches that Christ instituted the Sacrament of Marriage. By doing so, He enhanced the dignity of an institution already made holy in God’s creation. Marriage is an enduring and exclusive partnership in which husband and wife establish a loving and life-giving relationship. For this reason the Church views divorce very seriously.

The Church does not accept that divorce can sever the actual bond of a valid marriage. Church law, in fact, presumes that a marriage is valid once it is entered, a presumption which remains in force unless and until the contrary is proved. Not every marital relationship meets the standard that Christ established for marriage – a standard which requires certain intentions and capabilities on the part of the husband and wife. When these intentions and capabilities are seriously deficient, a marriage does not have the kind of enduring bond which Christ taught was indissoluble (unbreakable). In other words, while a marriage relationship may exist between the parties and have certain consequences, it is not necessarily the type of marriage bond which can be broken only by the death of one of the parties.

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