Divorced Catholics – The Healing Process of Annulments
After a Catholic goes through a divorce, there is so much confusion and misinformation about practicing the faith. The truth is that your Catholic faith is the very key to your healing after a divorce and is vital to living a life filled with promise, peace, and joy.

Scheduled for the following dates:

Wednesday, Feb. 5 at 6 pm in NLC 203

Thursday, March 5 at 6 pm in NLC 203

Monday, April 6 at 6 pm in NLC 203

Session 1: (1 hour)
Am I still welcome in the Church?

Can I receive communion?

What is an annulment and why do I need one?

What does the Church teach about divorce and remarriage?

I feel like an outcast. How can I cope?

Session 2: (1.5 hour)

Using authentic Church teaching, spiritual insights, and real-life examples from his work as a Tribunal Advocate processing over 300 annulments Deacon Jim Hamrlik leads you through each stage of the annulment process.

For questions contact Deacon Jim Hamrlik at jhamrlik@StMatthewCatholic.org