The Girls’ Choir (3rd – 8th grade girls)
2019-2020 Season 
Rehearsals are held the 1st and 3rd Thursday (with some deviation, as noted below) from September through May, from 6:00 – 6:50 p.m. in the choir room at the main campus of the church.            Attendance is mandatory so singers have ample opportunity to thoroughly learn each song before leading the congregation during mass.     


6:00 – 6:50 PM

September 5, 2019

September 19, 2019

October 3, 2019


October 13 — 9 a.m. Mass

Opening Song: All the Ends of the Earth

New Gloria

Presentation: River of Glory

Communion Song: You Alone

Meditation Song: Jesu, Jesu

Closing: Let the River Flow


October 17, 2019

October 24, 2019 (NOTE: Additional rehearsal with Boys’ Choir)

(No rehearsal November 7, 2019 – MACS out of school)



November 10 — 9 a.m. Mass

Send Your Glory Down

Gloria (Mass of Renewal
START AT :47 SECONDS (skipping Kyrie)

Psalm 17

Gospel Acclamation

Because the Lord is My Shepherd

On Eagle’s Wings

Turn Our Hearts Around

Eternal Father Strong to Save

November 21, 2019


December 5, 2019 (With Boys’ Choir)





  December 7  — 11 a.m. to noon
Christmas Caroling
Santa’s Craft Show at St. Matthew
(annual holiday craft fair
Jingle BellsLittle Children, Can You Tell? (Grace Notes)Silent NightAway in a MangerThe 12 Days of ChristmasOne Holy Night in BethlehemAngels We Have Heard on High
O Come, All Ye Faithful
What Child Is This?
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Hark! The Herald Angels SingBy the Star Joy to the World
We Wish You a Merry Christmas

December 8 — 9 a.m. Mass 

Opening Hymn: A Voice Cries Out

Psalm 72

Advent Gospel Acclamation (verse 2)

Presentation: Lo, How a Rose E’er Bloooming

Communion Chant: Draw Near

Communion: O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Meditation: O Emmanuel

Closing: Let the King of Glory Come

December 12, 2019 (with Boys’ Choir)


December 19, 2019 (with boys choir)

December 24 — 4 p.m. Mass


Children’s Christmas Eve Mass


Prelude: Unto Us

Opening Song: O Come, All Ye Faithful

Psalm 96  Today is Born Our Savior

Advent Gospel Acclamation (verse 5)

Presentation: Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Communion Chant: Draw Near

Communion 1: Silent Night

Communion 2: What Child is This?

Closing: Joy to the World

(No rehearsal January 2 — Christmas Break)

January 9, 2020 (NOTE: Additional
rehearsal with Boys’ Choir)



January 12 — 9 a.m. Mass
The Baptism of the Lord


Opening: Rain Down

Presentation:  We Belong to You


Communion: River of Glory


Meditation: New Creation


Closing: I Send You Out



January 16, 2020

February 6, 2020 (with Boys Choir)





February 9 — 9 a.m. Mass

Opening Song: Many and One

Gospel Acclamation

Presentation: We Are Your Love

1st Communion Song: One Bread, One Body

2nd Communion Song: Shine Jesus Shine

Closing: Go Out, Go Out




February 20, 2020

March 5, 2020



March 8 — 9 a.m. Mass
Second Sunday of Lent



Opening Song: Our God is Here






Gospel Acclamation


Presentation: Save Your People


Latin Chant Mass
IMPORTANT: Start at 1:10 into the example provided. This Kyrie at the beginning of the example is NOT the one we’re singing. 


Communion Chant: Draw Near
Start at :45  into the example provided


Communion Hymn #1: Transfigure Us, O Lord


Communion Hymn #2: I Have Loved You


Closing Hymn: We Are Called


March 19, 2020

April 2, 2020

May 7, 2020


(We will not be singing April 12 mass,
as it is Easter Sunday)

May 10 — 9 a.m. Mass (Mother’s Day)


May 14, 2020

End of Year Ice Cream Party
6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Parish Center Gym

Parent Involvement
Rehearsals are held in the choir room. Parents may wait in the rehearsal room (if space permits,) in the Sanctuary, or return to pick up your child by 7:00 p.m. Parent (or other adult) involvement is welcomed, so please feel free to volunteer. St. Matthew is committed to providing a safe environment for all members of our faith community, especially children and vulnerable adults. All parish volunteers must be in compliance with the Diocese of Charlotte Safe Environment policies listed on the St. Matthew website here.


Contact Information
Kathy Exler Davis,  Children’s Choir Director


St. Matthew Catholic Church
8015 Ballantyne Commons Pkwy.
P.O. Box 49349
Charlotte, NC 28277
(office phone) 704.543.7677


St. Matthews Music Ministry