Foster a visible, active and growing culture of Gospel-centric peace and justice within our parish.

Volunteer opportunities:

Peace and Justice provide opportunities for compassionate interaction with, and advocacy for, the voiceless and marginalized of our society.

Church of Second Chances is an eight-week course introducing participants to the Christian principle of restorative justice.  Through scripture, book study, prayer, videos and group discussion; we will explore common misconceptions about people in prison and how such misunderstandings have shaped our sense of responsibility. In addition, deepening the understanding of the lived experience of people behind bars and exposing injustices in the judicial system. The course views incarceration through the lens of faith, hoping to inspire a prophetic revision that invites restoration, mercy, and reconciliation. Watch the bulletin and website for Church of Second Chances classes beginning in the future.

Pope Francis states, “Therefore, the Church proposes a form of justice that is humanizing, genuinely reconciliatory, a justice that leads the wrongdoer, through an educative path of encouraged penance, to rehabilitation and total reinsertion in the community. How important and good it would be to take on this challenge, so as not to let it fall into oblivion.”

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