This ministry consists of sign language interpreters who are committed to render faithfully the message of the Liturgy and members who are dedicated to providing equal access to the Deaf and hard of hearing that all may be one in Christ. We focus on respecting the lives and communication of our parishioners to assure they are welcomed into all aspects of our faith.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Provide interpreters for Sunday 9 am Mass

Job Descriptions

Sign language interpreting skill is required of the interpreters within the ministry. For parishioners, friends, and relatives who wish to be a part of the ministry, no skills are required except the desire to include all Deaf and H/H parishioners into all activities within the church and all aspects of our faith.

To volunteer or ask a question, please contact JoAnn VanCamp.

New to volunteering at St. Matthew? Please read our Safe Environment Policy.