Boy Scout Troop 8 – Boy Scouting is a 100-year old program proven to help boys 11-17 years old develop character, self-discipline, leadership skills and personal fitness while having fun tackling adventures with their fellow scouts. Troop 8 meets generally every Monday night from mid-August to mid-June and has camping trips or other outdoor activities once a month, plus attends a week-long summer camp each year.

Scouts can join the troop at any time during the year.
Boys aging out of Cub Scouts move up in the spring, typically in March, but boys transferring or joining for the first time can and do join at other times.

Volunteer Opportunities

Troop 8 has many volunteer opportunities for scout parents and other interested adults. Adults serve as merit badge counselors, working with scouts to help them earn any of over 120 merit badges, drawing on skills and expertise from careers, hobbies, and life.

Time Commitment


Contact: Scoutmaster Scott Kennedy via email, or via cell, 704-706-4125 .

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