To: St. Matthew Parishioners

From: Msgr. John J. McSweeney, Pastor

Re: Parish and MACS Participation Policy 2016-2017


This email is sent as a reminder of our parish policy regarding families in the MACS system. This year we have been assessed by the Diocese $1,109,990 to help defray the cost of tuitions. Below are the requirements to be considered “active parishioners” and receive the reduced tuition rate:

  • Mass participation: as Catholics we are expected to attend and participate in every Sunday and Holy Day Mass. Your attendance is verified by our reviewing the use of offertory envelopes at Mass. Cash contributors must use their offertory envelopes; e-contributors must use the vouchers provided by Faith Direct. Engagement in the parish through time and talent is an important consideration, but Mass attendance should be your main goal.
  • Parish Registration: New families must be registered at least six months before submitting a MACS Voucher for verification as a participating parishioner. If transferring from another parish, you will be asked to provide a letter of good standing from your former pastor.

Below are the tuition differentials between participating and non-participating families:

Elementary Middle School High School
Non-Participating $9,995 $10,697 $14,331
Catholic Participating $6,212 $6,883 $10,066

Annually, I receive from the MACS Office a list of families who are currently enrolled in MACS and are registered members of St. Matthew. I review the roster to verify that the families are in good standing per the above criteria.  Upon my review, a list of families who do not meet these requirements is sent back to MACS and classified as “non-participating”. The MACS office will notify you of your new status.


If you are concerned that you cannot meet the above criteria, please contact Vicky Gloria at 704-543-7677 x 1090, who manages this extensive list for me. Please note once I have made my evaluation regarding active participating families’ status, my decision is final. I will not meet or discuss the matter after that time. These requirements are simple and straightforward and it is to your benefit to comply.



The above email was sent to all parishioners with a registered email the first week of August.