Christian Responders Ministry

Christian Responders is a St. Matthew ministry that is dedicated to helping disaster survivors after the media attention and hype has subsided; often when these survivors still need much help.

We are a truly diversified group of people with several things in common:

  • We enjoy helping people in need… in fact it nourishes our souls to get out and actually assist people in need.
  • We like experiencing spiritual growth, attending church together, sharing our faith, learning from each other, learning from the people we serve, and being the hands and feet of Jesus.
  • We enjoy socialization, making new relationships, and celebrating life together. Together we work, rest, pray, talk, laugh, eat meals, and help God’s people who desperately need assistance.
  • We welcome people of all ages and skills, especially families with teens.

We are committed to building a team of diversified people who enjoy traveling together for a weekend or other time frame to help disaster survivors in their time of need.

Our Mission:

  • To be the hands and feet of Christ by serving people in need, leaving our comfort zones, and going out and serving.
  • To provide opportunities for people to experience spiritual growth through service, faith sharing, worship, and related activities.
  • To provide people the opportunity to have a larger sense of purpose, especially for those that are retired, unemployed, or under employed.
  • To provide opportunities for increased socialization and relationship building from working with and spending time with new people.
  • To give our young adults, teens, and families opportunities to serve God’s people together and to make service a part of their lives.

 Our immediate goals:

  • Building and training an organization of 100-150 well -trained people of all ages and skill levels that would enjoy making weekend trips (or longer) to help disaster victims.  Please note, this includes recruiting and maintainingthis group of committed people and getting them trained in simple basics of demolition, clean up, and repair work.
  • Working with our youth leadership at St. Matthew to give our families and their teens an opportunity to experience service mission work.
  • Getting the word out about this new ministry and creating a high level of awareness at our church as well as others.

Got experience? Trainers needed!

Home Improvement, Carpentry, Electrical, Flooring, Painting, Roofing, Basic Home Repair?

We need you!

Our volunteers are people of all ages and backgrounds that enjoy helping others.  However, many of us have no home repair experience!

If you are interested in training or leading small groups in your area of expertise, please reach out to us at or contact Joe George at 704-906-0784, Stephanie Chadwick at 704-650-1016 or Sue Ralko at

Your training will make a major difference in what we’re able to accomplish for God and His people!

Our current project:

Lumberton, NC is a poverty-stricken area located approximately 120 miles from Charlotte.  The city was flooded by Hurricane Matthew in Oct 2016 followed by Hurricane Florence in 2018. Even now, many families have not been able to return to their homes.  These families do not have the means to repair their homes. The large government agencies have left, and thus, the victims of these devastating storms are dependent on volunteers and the church community.

The Christian Responders Ministry of St. Matthew Catholic Church is in partnership with the United Methodist Church in Lumberton as we work together to restore the homes of hurricane flood victims.

Christian Responders will be helping our neighbors in Lumberton, NC on the following dates and welcome your assistance and fellowship!


 Mar 15-17             April 12-14              May 17-19


Activity: Restore/Repair homes damaged by flooding so victims can return and resume their lives. Provide fellowship through human connection and getting to know those whom we are serving.

Requirements:  A desire to help God help those in need.  No experience needed!

Lodging: We will all be staying at the local United Methodist Church in Lumberton, NC. There are rooms with bunk beds and cots, as well as bath facilities and a kitchen for us to use.  Volunteers are expected to bring their own personal sleeping bags and/or bed linens, pillows and towels.

Registration: Once you have registered for one of the weekends above, you will receive additional information regarding logistics of the trip along with the required paperwork you will need to complete for the United Methodist Church and St. Matthew. (Medical information and liability waivers).

REGISTER HERE for Lumberton, NC Weekends 

For more information, please email

Or call Joe George at 704-906-0784.