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Mission: St. Matthew yoUniversity seeks to invite all adults to grow in their Catholic faith into full Christian maturity. Faith Formation is a life-long process. SMU strives to provide relevant, meaningful educational and spiritual programs for adults of all ages. By incorporating teaching, community and prayer in all that we do, we hope to nurture and support a deep, growing, personal relationship with Jesus and his Church in all those we serve.


We are working hard to bring a few online learning opportunities to you digitally in your home so you can stay connected during the corona virus pandemic. Digital means you can take a class on your own schedule and still be connected with folks in your class as you study together.  

Click on the blue class titles to register online with a credit card.  Paper registration (exact cash or check only) can be downloaded HERE and either brought to or mailed to the Church office.

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Watch your email (or Flocknote) for updates to stay connected during this “desert time.” Contact Rachel Willoughby to be added to the virtual Theology 101 digital class.


Hope to have this rescheduled in the future….

Rachel Willoughby
Director of Adult Faith Formation
St. Matthew Catholic Church
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Suly Chenkin
Suly Chenkin was born in Kovno, Lithuania. Her story begins and ends with a prophecy uttered by her grandmother at the moment she was born. “This child” she said, “because she was born on the first day of the Jewish New Year, will be lucky her entire life.” Six months later the Nazis invaded Lithuania and the word “luck” disappeared for Jewish people living in that country. In 1944 her parents smuggled her out of the Kovno ghetto in a potato sack, into the waiting arms of a stranger. The story of her survival puts a human face on an unimaginable time in Jewish history and leaves us asking, “Who is my neighbor?”

The Stan Greenspon Center for Peace and Social Justice at Queens University is committed to educating the community about the importance of remembering the past to create a better future for all God’s people. No event in modern history highlights more effectively the dangers of indifference in the face of hatred and discrimination than the Holocaust. To learn more, or to make a donation, please go to StanGreensponCenter.Org or email Talia Goldman at GoldmanT@Queens.Edu


Eight weeks We are excited to say this class will continue as an online class! Ask us for the details (

Our first introductory class on Tuesday, March 24 was great! You can still register for this digital class. 
Katie Dunne Knoefel
Tuesday, March 24 to May 19
6:30 to 8:00 pm
$15 Discount for Catechist or MACS teacher/staff
Waxhaw Offering!
A quick journey through the Bible. Many people want to read the Bible because they know it is God’s Word but give up because it is so complicated. The Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible study program helps you to get the “big picture” of the Bible by showing how fourteen narrative books of the Bible tell the complete story from Adam and Eve to Christ and the Church.


Four weeks
David Hoffman, Ph.D.
Wednesdays, May 6 to May 27
7 to 9pm
NLC 234/235
Dr. Dean Hoffman presents an exploration of the young shepherd-minstrel who defeated the Philistine champion Goliath and with his band of rebels united the twelve tribes of Israel, only to fall from grace and suffer his own rebellion from among his rival prince sons.

Five Weeks Postponed to the Fall 2020 Semester.
Karen Geiger

Based on the revised translation of the Mass, this five-part program takes participants on an exciting tour of the Liturgy as it explores the biblical roots of the words and gestures we experience at Mass and explains their profound significance. See, perhaps for the first time, why we say what we say and do what we do every week at Mass. The words and gestures will be seen in a new light, giving new life to the liturgical experience.
In this study, Catholics will…
• Learn the biblical background to the words, prayers, and gestures of the Liturgy, all in the context of the revised Mass translation.
• Discover how the Mass is a “true re-presentation” of Christ’s redeeming sacrifice on the cross.
• Explore the three key aspects of the Mass as a Sacrifice, Real Presence, and Holy Communion. 

The Theology of Icons*
Abbot Damien Higgins
Thursday, April 30
7 to 9 pm
Banquet Room
Abbot Damien Higgins, of Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Redwood Valley, CA will be coming to St. Matthew to give a one-night introduction on the theology of Iconography. At one time banned and then gloriously renewed, icons have held a place of honor in the realm of sacred art. More than art, icons are a written theology, speaking to the truths of the Faith and the presence of God in illustrative manner. Fr. Damien will introduce us to the basics of the technique and theology of iconography.

Five weeks
Jenny Cox, MA, LMFT
Mondays, April 20 to May 18
7 to 9 pm
NLC 234/235
$10 per person
Emotional reactivity is behind every bad pattern, bad decision and bad relationship. Whenever we get reactive, whether by screaming, cutting ourselves off, overcompensating for others, or taking things personally, we operate out of our anxiety and not from our values. The Power of Calm is based on the popular ScreamFree Parenting program which teaches us how to calm down, grow up and get closer to the ones we love. This is a revolutionary approach that invites parents of all ages (with kids of all ages) to focus on themselves, press the “pause button” on emotion, and create close, meaningful family relationships. Created by marriage and family therapist, author and speaker Hal Runkel, ScreamFree parenting has helped millions of parents create a calmer household with more cooperation and respect.

Online registration with credit card is offered by clicking on the titles; but also in person registration in the office with check or cash only is accepted.  (credit card is online only.)

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St. Matthew Catholic Church

Attn: Adult FF Registration

P.O. Box 49349

Charlotte, NC 28277

Peace and Social Justice

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Lectio Divina* 
Sister Mary Hugh Mauldin, RSM, MA
Wednesdays, 9:30 to 10:45 am
NLC 234/235
No registration; simply come when you can. Lectio Divina is an ancient community prayer form using the upcoming Sunday Mass readings, providing Scriptural enrichment and community building. Please bring your bible.

Centering Prayer

In a busy world, a time for silence is a rare experience. However, authentic spirituality always embraces silent time with God. Centering Prayer is a practice that invites us to be present to God as God is present to us. It is a process that transforms us and brings inner peace into our lies.

Please contact Janie Normile at 


*Child care is available with 48-hour advance registration to the nursery. Call 704-543-7677 x 1003.

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