World Hunger Drive needs YOUR Talent!

This year, our youth have the opportunity to help fundraise for the Monsignor McSweeney World Hunger Drive 2021! This past year has been especially difficult for our brothers and sisters in Haiti, and so we want to give our ALL to support them with our time, treasure, and (particularly this year) our talent!

Help us raise $5,000 to help fund a science lab for our student family at St. Marc’s School.  Here’s how . . .

St. Matt’s Got Talent!

We invite our youth of all ages (including the young at heart) to send us a short video submission of your talent– elaborate trick shot, magic trick, back flip, belly flop, hand jive, dance move, and any other cool doodad you can do! Grab a friend, sibling, mom, dad, or do it on your own for all the glory!


You have moves on the court? SHOW US.

You have moves on the dance floor? PROVE IT.

You have moves on the chess board? VERY COOL, but maybe another time.


Submissions will be compiled into one video, posted online, and viewers will have the chance to vote on their favorite videos! Prizes will be awarded to the participants of top 3 videos!


  • Please name your video with the following convention: [last name]_[snappy one word video name]
  • Example: Smith_Radical. In the final compiled video, we will include a slide before each video with its “snappy name” (Example: Radical) that the contestants chose. This is how we will identify each video for voting purposes.

Once you finish your video and have it ready to go, email us at and give us your name and a brief description of your video. We will then email you a link to our Dropbox, with instructions for uploading. It’s quick and easy!

Please submit all video entries by end of day, August 4 for entry.

Please check out the example video below from our planning committee!


Voting will begin on Wednesday, August 11th and run through Saturday, August 28th:

Voting will take place through a Faith Direct form where anyone from anywhere can vote as many times for as many videos as they want! Each vote will cost just $5.


Want to vote for your own video 10 times? DO IT.

Grandma in New Jersey wants to vote 20 times? SHE CAN.

Everyone did a great job and you want to vote for everyone? ABSOLUTELY.


All money from votes will go towards the ultimate goal of $5,000 to purchase a Science Lab for our friends and family in Haiti!