All Aboard!!

VBS 2021 ~ JUNE 21 to 25 ~ 9 am to noon

Online Registration has closed, however if you would like to inquire about registering your child for VBS, please contact Diane (


RENOVATED SMALL GROUPS: Our color groups were traditionally made up of nine small groups which traveled together throughout the day – meaning approximately 70 individuals were in the same room during rotations. This summer your child will be assigned to one small group which will travel alongside a second small group.  The two groups will be together in the large gather areas, but will do their activities in separate areas of these spaces.  Small groups will be limited to no more than 6 children and 2 group leaders, this drops our number in one space to less than twenty, and less than ten in the smaller gather areas.

REPURPOSED ROTATIONS: Color groups visited four indoor rotations (with the exception of water games) through out the morning.  This summer, each small group will visit six rotations that will alternate between outdoors and indoors.  The time spent in one spot is also reduced to 20 minutes rather than 30-40 minutes.

REBUILT FRAMEWORK: The large group openings and closings that took place in the church will move outdoors – the messages, music, JOY and power of the HOLY SPIRIT will still be as BIG as ever!