Movie Night – All or Nothing!!

Movie Night – All or Nothing!!

All high and middle school youth are invited to attend a movie night to bring about vocation awareness. The movie is called All or Nothing!! and it is about an extraordinary woman named Sister Clare Crockett. Come watch this amazing movie about how she was a teen who was destined for greatness and heroic virtue!

When: Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Where: Parish Center – Gym
Time: 6:30pm-8pm

Bring your favorite snack, candy, or popcorn.

Click here to RSVP.


Xtreme EDGE – Humans vs. Zombies


Come join an epic battle of Humans vs. Zombies! All middle school youth are invited! Bring a friend and a Nerf gun!

When: Friday, November 8
Time: 6:30pm – 8pm
Where: Parish Center

Click here to RSVP.

If you have questions, please contact Avery Utz at

Wreaths Across America

As Christmas approaches, let us remember those who bravely gave their all so we may live and worship as a free nation. Consider purchasing wreaths for a veteran’s gravestone. Click here to download the purchase form. Remit form to: Armand Tetu;7008 Holly Park Drive; Indian  Trail, NC  28079. The deadline to purchase wreaths is Dec. 2.


Engagement survey….last chance to participate!

If you did not take the confidential engagement assessment at Mass, click here to access it electronically. Or, if you prefer, text STMATTHEW to 90888 to begin the assessment on your cell phone.

Please do not take the survey more than one time. The survey portal will close on October 20, and the parish will be communicating survey results sometime shortly after that date. Thank you for your participation.

Taken the survey and ready to go deeper? Click here.



Into the Light: Starting the Conversation on Mental Health

Wednesday, Oct. 23
7 to 9 pm
New Life Center Banquet Room

Join us for an evening of conversation on anxiety, PTSD, trauma, and addiction. Hear the stories of people in our community through a Compass and Light Documentary series, followed by
discussion with local mental health professionals. Connect with local agencies and resources and continue the conversation. The event is free and open to the public. Let’s come together as a parish community to start the conversation on mental health


Alan Ames is returning to St. Matthew!

International Healing Ministry Presents:

Alan Ames

November 7 at 7 pm in the main Church – Incense will be used as well as, there will be signing for the hearing impaired.

A powerful service for those in need of healing – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

We are blessed to offer a transformative evening of Holy Mass, reconciliation, exposition and benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, and an extraordinary powerful healing service.

No registration; just come!

Start your own small group!

We can show you how easy, fun and exciting it is to share the faith with others in your community! Live in communion with others who choose to live a life of faith and encourage one-another on that path. Share the ups and downs of your daily life, prayer time, spiritual reading. At the end of Mass, Jesus calls us to walk out into the world, evangelizing with our words and our deeds and bring His light out into the world. Extend the profound communion of the Mystical Body of Christ into your home and daily life by hosting a small group.


We are here to help you along the way; please contact Rachel Willoughby for any questions.

Sometimes it is hard to decide how much to read in between meetings. If your group struggles with that and is reading Into His Likeness, here’s a “pacing guide” to help get you started! Of course this isn’t a rule – your group might want to move faster or slower than this. But sometimes it’s nice to have something to start with.

If your group meets WEEKLY:

Week 1 Introduction and Follow Me (p.1-12)
Week 2 Total Commitment (p.13-22)
Week 3 In the Dust of the Rabbi (p.23-32)
Week 4 The Struggle (p.33-40)
Week 5 Not Perfect, but Close (p.41-55)
Week 6 Meeting God in the Valley (p.61-70)
Week 7 Drunk with Love (p.71-80)
Week 8 Forgiven; Real Healing, Real Change (p.81-93)
Week 9 Introduction to Part 3 and The Battle for Your Mind (p.97-113)
Week 10 Christian Friendship (p.115-122)
Week 11 Amazing Signs, Amazing Grace (p.123-132)
Week 12 The Primacy of the Interior Life and Conclusion (p.133-146)

If your group meets every other week

Meeting 1 Introduction; Follow Me; Total Commitment (p.1-22)
Meeting 2 In the Dust of the Rabbi; The Struggle (p. 23-40)
Meeting 3 Not Perfect, but Close; (p.41-55)
Meeting 4 Meeting God in the Valley; Drunk with Love (p.61-80)
Meeting 5 Forgiven; Real Healing, Real Change (p.81-93)

If your group meets monthly:

Meeting 1 Introduction; Follow Me; Total Commitment; In the Dust of the Rabbi; The Struggle; Not Perfect, but Close; (p.1-55)
Meeting 2 Meeting God in the Valley; Drunk with Love; Forgiven; Real Healing, Real Change (p.61-93)
Meeting 3 Introduction to Part 3; The Battle for Your Mind; Christian Friendship; Amazing Signs, Amazing Grace; The Primacy of the Interior Life; Conclusion (p.97-146)

Where do I start?

Option 1: Connect with a group on the small groups website.

Steps to picking a small group:

  1. Pray for a bit of inspiration and guidance from the Holy Spirit.
  2. Go to the small groups website,
  3. Pick a group to join, based on whatever quality you find to be most critical, location, meeting night, kind of group, etc.
  4. Join your small group on their first meeting night after you join.
    The first group you meet might be your ideal group, it might not be. It’s okay to go to a meeting or two and test the waters. That being said, I’d suggest sticking it out for a season and see if the group grows on you.

Of course not every combination is going to be readily available, and in that case you might want to take advantage of option 2.

Option 2: Start your own small group.

Steps to starting your own small group:

  1. Invite 3 or 4 people you know, maybe friends, maybe just acquaintances to join you in establishing a small group.
  2. Pick a meeting night and a frequency (every week, every other week, once a month) that will potentially work for everyone.
  3. Pick a meeting place, could be someone’s home, a coffee shop, a library, etc.
  4. Let Rachel know ( Tell her about your group and get signed up so she can forward any new resources or information to you and your group.
  5. Invite others to join until you have a group that fits well in your meeting space. You can do this by reaching out individually to people, person to person. You can also do this by opening up your group on the website. (Rachel can help you with this too!)
  6. Once you have your group mostly gathered, pick a resource. You can use the suggested resource, pick a resource from our library, or you can go rogue and pick something we’ve never heard of. (If you find something good, please share it with us! We love hearing about new things!) Our suggested resources will change seasonally, and can be found at

Starting your own group can seem a little bit more challenging, but it really is not as hard as it seems. If you would like to start a group but it still feels too daunting, email Rachel and she will be thrilled to help you get started down the path to success!