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We provide personal guidance along with self-marketing, resume editing, networking, interviewing strategies,

While You Wait for the Next CICT Meeting, contact 1 or 2 CICT Counselors to Discuss Your Issues & Potential Solutions for You.

Barry Weiss
Retired (Sales Exec)
Tom McGinness
954-650-8988 LinkedIn Profile
Agnes LaCalamito Healthcare HR Professional 203-278-0095 LinkedIn Profile
Cheryl Ledoux
Retired Executive (Financial Services/Manufacturing)
704-661-6749 LinkedIn Profile

Jeffrey Miano
Retired Executive (Biotech, biofuels, electronics)

973-216-1381 LinkedIn Profile
Paul Radding
Executive (Client Svcs, Sales, Proj Mgt, Software Startups)
248-535-9025 LinkedIn Profile
Maureen Smith
Recruiter – Accounting/Finance


Linkedin Profile

Counselor Job Description:

Counselors are expected to participate in assisting those in the CICT job search program for at least 70% of the meetings.  You should be able to understand the issues confronting job seekers and help draw out appropriate solutions for the job seeker.

Individuals who wish to apply for a CICT Counselor should note the following:

Background / Work Experience (at least 3 of the following):

  1. Current or prior experience in Supervisory / Management position.
  2. Coached persons regarding job search and/or employment procedure.
  3. Responsible for Hire / Terminate.
  4. Personal experience with a Job Search; has an up-to-date personal profile.
  5. Familiar with operation of internet job boards, LinkedIn and or recruitment.

Next steps will then be to:

  • Review the CICT Website completely.
  • Notify Barry Weiss of your interest and schedule an interview before attending a CICT meeting for the first time.
  • Upon acceptance, attend one CICT meeting to mutually determine continuing as a counselor.