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Thank you for your interest in Catholic school education.  All Mecklenburg County Catholic schools are administered by the Mecklenburg Area Catholic School system (MACS).  Information about MACS and individual Catholic schools in the area can be found by clicking the button below.

Families who actively participate in their parish are eligible to receive a ‘participating’ Catholic tuition discount.  This discount is currently between $4500 and $5200 per student per year.  Each year, the MACS office asks us to review the list of families with children enrolled in MACS in order to approve their ‘participating’ status for the next school year and thereby qualify for the discounted tuition rate.



Participation is measured through three types of engagement at St. Matthew Catholic Church, Mass attendance, volunteer support and financial support. Mass attendance is the most important criteria for determining ‘participating’ status.  In a parish our size, we determine consistent Sunday Mass attendance, by noting either the weekly use of offertory envelopes or offertory cards for those giving electronically. For families contributing electronically, offertory cards may be obtained by contacting Faith Direct at (866) 507-8757 or by clicking here.  We welcome your family’s involvement in the many ministries supported by St. Matthew. Volunteer support opportunities can be found by clicking here. Financial support is also important.  As a point of reference, please note that St. Matthew contributes over $1,000,000 each year (or $900/child enrolled at MACS and registered at St. Matthew) to MACS in support of Catholic education.


Families must be registered at St. Matthew and participating actively in our parish at least three months before submitting a voucher request to the parish office.  If transferring from another parish, you may provide a ‘letter of good standing’ from your former parish identifying your family as a participating household.  These letters may be sent here.


We look forward to serving as an active partner in the education of your children when choosing a Catholic school education for your child

St. Matthew Catholic School is part of Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools (MACS), a centralized, regional system of Catholic schools in the Charlotte area that includes eight schools. All admissions to St. Matthew are handled through the MACS Admissions Office. New students are admitted to our school after the completion of testing administered by ABC Tutoring and Educational Services. The Director of Admissions for MACS and the school principal review records and testing information to determine acceptance to our school. St. Matthew does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, gender or religion. Priority for admission is given to Catholic students whose parents are participating Catholics in their parish.

Applications are made available in December and will be accepted at the beginning of January. The deadline for the Early Admission Period is Jan. 31. For additional admissions information, please contact the MACS Director of Admissions at 704-370-3273.