For Catholics, the Sacrament of Marriage, or Holy Matrimony, is a public sign that one gives oneself totally to this other person. It is also a public statement about God: the loving union of husband and wife speaks of family values and also God’s values.

Getting Started

Once you are ready to begin the process of receiving the Sacrament of Marriage at St. Matthew.

After the form is  filled out the form, please save it and email it to Rachel Willoughby.

She will get in touch to help you set up a meeting and confirm a date.

Want to know more about what will happen during marriage prep?

You can read about the whole process in the marriage guidelines. Someone will go over these with you at your first meeting and answer questions that you might have.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered in the documents linked above, please email Rachel Willoughby. When emailing, please be sure to include your name, preferred email address and phone number.

* Please note, we are only able to schedule weddings for registered parishioners.

Pre-Cana Classes are offered at St. Matthew Catholic Church on the following Saturdays:

  • Saturday, January 8, 2022
  • Saturday, February 12, 2022
  • Saturday, May 21, 2022

Click to open the registration and information pages for Pre-Cana and Natural Family Planning buttons below.