Bereavement Ministry of Consolation
St. Matthew Bereavement Ministry of Consolation, a part of Pastoral Care, strives to live in the image of Jesus Christ who wept with those who mourned. We believe that in our faith community, no one should grieve alone.

St. Matthew offers professional, confidential counseling services for all parishioners on a myriad of issues, including depression, anxiety, marital difficulties, stress, family issues, alcoholism and other addictions.

Eucharistic Ministry/Outreach
Being physically present as a part of the Sunday worshiping assembly is not always possible for all members of the community. Some people have been hospitalized, home-bound, or reside in full-time care communities and do not have the opportunity to be physically present with a regular worshiping community.

Prayer Line
With our confidential Prayer Line, you may submit a prayer request for yourself or someone else in confidence.

Support Groups
St. Matthew is home to a variety of groups that meet on campus for mutual support and healing. All are welcome.

Talk to a Priest or Deacon
Please contact the parish office at 704-543-7677.