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As Men we often focus on many other things such as our careers, sports, finances, chores and leave God as a much lower priority. Christ Renews His Parish is an opportunity to gain focus on God and reorient your faith journey. I found that the St Matthew faith community has many men who are heroic in virtue and were willing to generously share their journey with other men to bring them into the fullness of the faith. You will find you have brothers in the faith you had no idea existed and were willing to walk the journey along with you.

– Al Smeraldo

I was a new parishioner at St. Matthew when I signed up for CRHP and I came in blind, knowing almost no one. When I left, I had made a number of strong friendships of all different backgrounds that all strengthened and renewed my relationship with God. Every experience on the retreat was set up to deepen us in community with God and neighbor and has truly immersed me in the St. Matthew community and revitalized my faith. I’m so grateful that I attended and I know the retreat will provide countless other men and women with the same positive experience of faith that I gained.

-Alex Pinder

Last year at this time I was only in North Carolina 2 months, newly moved from Delaware.  I wanted to get more involved at St. Matthew Church , seeking ways to connect spiritually. I saw the notice about the women’s CRHP retreat weekend and immediately signed up.  During that weekend I met some wonderful women that I have continued to get to know throughout the year.  It was an incredible, faith-filled experience and it has helped me connect in other ways to St. Matthews.  I look forward to being part of the team that welcomes new retreatants to this year’s retreat.

-Kathy Moran

I had no idea what to expect going on my first CRHP weekend, except for a deep sense of knowing that I needed it and I would go home feeling renewed in some way. The retreat exceeded any expectations!  I felt many “nudges” from God over the weekend to help me navigate my next steps of life and faith.  The setting was warm and inviting, and the ladies who ran the retreat and attended it were beyond caring and kind!  It felt like I was wrapped in God’s robe of loving righteousness all weekend!

-Deanna Scaldaferri

I cannot say enough about my experience.  I felt so welcomed and energized with the Christian sisterhood and immediately felt a connection with the leaders and the other participants. The retreat has definitely had an impact in my faith journey. This year I have become a team member and I pray that all of you that are attending will find new friends and be filled with the Holy Spirit and the joy of Jesus.

-Linda Reilly