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Meeting Schedule

CICT typically meets the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every Month from 7PM to 8:30PM

We are restarting in person meetings on Wednesday, September 8th at the St. Matthew New Life Center, Room 125.  Remember, if a Monday is a holiday, the meeting is moved to Wednesday of that week.

For Zoom meetings:

  • We highly recommend you use a PC with video and audio capabilities for this meeting
  • Download the Zoom Meeting app prior to the meeting and ensure your device is set up.

For each meeting, we will start out as a group and then each person will be able to indicate one of the four breakout session they would like to attend, See descriptions below.  The Microsoft Teams host will move participants to the breakout room and then we will come back together as a group to conclude out session.    

  1. Getting Started – for those just beginning their search or have felt their search “stall” or hit a ‘dead end’ and need to “restart”.
  2. Resume/Cover letters – for those who have identified their targets and some basic areas they want to focus their search and will need to be able to present a resume and an introduction letter to a prospective hiring contact.
  3. Networking – for those needing to expand to “meeting” other professionals or be in places where opportunities might be discussed, specifically influencers of a hiring decision or hiring managers.
  4. Interviewing – for the ‘ultimate’ goal of the job seeking process, when you are in front of a hiring manager and their team, to directly present your capabilities, personality and investment value.

2021 – In Person starting September 8th; starting @ 7PM



No Meetings




Feb 1 

Weds, Feb 17 




Mar 1

Mar 15




Apr 5

Apr 19




May 3

May 17




Jun 7

Jun 21





Weds, Jul 7

Jul 18





Aug 2

Aug 16 – Zoom



Sep ** In Person **

Weds, Sep 8

Sep 20

Oct ** In Person **

Oct 4

Oct 18

Nov ** In Person **

Nov 1

Nov 15

Dec ** In Person **

Dec 6

Dec 20