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Holy Hope Advent Series

Each Wednesday a new podcast will be released on our new podcast series, Holy Hope, featuring a “Wednesday Refresh” which will dive more deeply into topics from the previous Sunday’s homily. Additional special podcast episodes will be released throughout Advent.

1. Advent. An Introduction

Father Balkey, Carissa Scibor, and Jim Alvarez discuss preparations for Advent and the traditions it brings.

2. A Midweek Check-in: First Week of Advent

How’s your week going? Father Balkey reviews last week’s homily and previews the upcoming weekend.






Show notes from previous broadcasts of (Not) The Only One:

Show Notes for Episode 003 Blessed Carlo Acutis

Blessed Carlo’s website on Eucharistic Miracles: http://www.miracolieucaristici.org/en/liste/list.html

Link to the beatification mass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWa71FDoV_4

Show Notes for Episode 015 - Women in the Bible

I Choose the Sky” A Scriptural Devotional for Women by Emily Wilson that guides teen through the amazing female role models in the Bible.

Inspired” by Mark Hart, a great tool to help you read the bible

Laudate App: A Catholic tool where you can find the daily readings (including the audio version), in addition to prayers and helpful resources.

The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz) Open in Spotify

Show Notes for Episode 016 - About Vocations with Fr. John

To learn more about vocations and talk to someone in the Charlotte diocese, visit Charlotte Diocese Vocations. Remember Fr. John, Fr. Peter, and Fr. Davis are always available to chat with our young men and women who would like to know more about religious life and possibly discern.  You can contact them through office@stmatthewcatholic.org, or by calling 704.543.7677 to set up a time to talk!

Show Notes for Episode 017 - Sister Clare Crockett

You can check out the documentary, mentioned by Fr. Peter, here for free on YouTube. Highly recommend! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0LKZm2BqZo   Sr. Clare Crockett: Alone with Christ Alone; new book including excerpts of Sister Clare’s personal prayer journal: https://www.amazon.com/dp/8409232464/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=clare+crockett&qid=1600068130&sr=8-1   To learn more about the life of Sister Clare Crockett: https://www.sisterclare.com/en/

Show Notes for Episode 018 - Spring Cleaning

25 creative things to give up for Lent: https://lifeteen.com/blog/what-to-give-up-25-creative-ideas-for-lent/

Blessed is She, Beth Davis, “What Should I *do* for Lent?”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfJDrQH1yA4

St. Matthew Stations of the Cross https://www.stmatthewcatholic.org/lent

Learn more about the basics of Lent: https://lifeteen.com/blog/desert-live-lent-purpose/

Show Notes for Episode 020 Father Davis' Vocation Story

Click the link here to access the Holy Communion song Fr. Davis wrote, mentioned in today’s episode:


This is an English translation of the lyrics: Come, O’ Bread of life Be the Peace of my heart. Come, O’ Divine Mercy Overflow in my soul, O’ Loving Jesus As salt in the ocean, In your eternal love, let me be dissolved. Let me humbly offer to you My body, Soul and everything. Beyond the horizons How vast is your love, O’ Lord O defender of every moment of life I will sing your glories in songs.

Show Notes for Episode 031 - In Good Company (St. Therese and St. Padre Pio)

In Good Company: St. Padre Pio & St. Therese of Lisieux” (May 27th):

Rachel’s book recommendation: Read about St. Therese from the Saint herself!

Lauren’s book recommendation: A short & sweet read to learn more about St. Therese and her “little way” of love & trust!

Show Notes for Episode 032 - Seeking Holiness

Continue to learn more about the Saints! Life Teen has a great compiled list of several popular Saints and maybe some you’ve never heard of!

Fr. Mark-Mary Ames, CFR, host of the “Poco a Poco” Podcast, has written a brand new book with practical steps we can all take to grow in our relationship with the Lord. You can find it HERE!

Show Notes for Episode 053 - Happy New Year!

Show Notes for Episode 054 - Pro-Life Q&A with Fr. Peter

Looking to learn more about the pro-life movement and Church teaching?:

Looking for resources within our Charlotte community?: