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In cooperation with Catholic Charities, this ministry plays an important role in helping refugee families new to our city feel welcomed and supported as they navigate the challenges of resettlement. Our mission is to assist families for the first six months following their arrival from their country of origin with basic information and necessities for living in our city and to prosper after the first six months of assistance. 

Agencies served: Catholic Charities, and The Catholic Diocese of Charlotte

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Welcome visit to newly arrived refugees.
  • Assist the refugees in the learning English.
  • Assist the refugees in learning local bus routes and how and where to catch public transportation.
  • Drive refugees to doctor’s appointments, shopping, English classes, etc.
  • Assist refugee children with school work.
  • Assist refugee family members in finding jobs.
  • Assist family with getting set up with family doctors.
  • Assist family with learning how to pay bills, and manage finances in our country.
  • Organize a simple outing to the park for children.
  • Setup a picnic to get to know the family and spend quality time with them (families of volunteers are welcome to this event!).
  • And many other opportunities.

Time Commitment

Varies depending on the time you have available and type of service you would like to provide.

To volunteer or ask a question, contact Paula or Jeff McDonald,

Text or call  (704) 621-1038 and (704) 621-1125.

New to volunteering at St. Matthew? Please read our Safe Environment Policy.