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Facilities Scheduling Policy
•Reserving a room in any of the parish facilities implies agreement to abide by the guidelines set forth in the Facilities Scheduling Policy.

  • For security reasons and because of multiple room requests, if an event is cancelled you must notify Heather King, , or 704-543-7677 ext. 1031.
  • A Room Request Form must be completed for any/all requests for room and/or facility use. No
    general email requests or voice-mail messages will be accepted. The form can be readily
    accessed from the website ( or picked up in the Church Office.
    • An email confirmation will be sent to all Requestors, with a copy of the Facilities Scheduling
    Policy included.
    • Room Cards are displayed outside each room, indicating the group confirmed for that space.
    Rooms should not be occupied by anyone other than the confirmed group listed.
    • Use only the space which is identified on the Room Reservation Confirmation during the
    assigned time period. Should additional time be needed, please contact the Parish Scheduler.
    • Rooms may be configured by the Requestor to meet the needs of the assigned group/ministry.
    However, upon completion of the meeting or activity, the room must be reconfigured as
    specified below:
    New Life Center: Room configurations are displayed in each room. Tables and chairs
    should be wiped clean of any spills, drips and markings. Cleaning products are available
    in the common kitchen space.
    Parish Center: U-shaped configuration of tables with 18 chairs on the outside of the
    table configuration for all classrooms. Tables and chairs should be wiped clean of any
    spills, drips and markings. Cleaning products are available in the common kitchen space.
    • Rooms are not equipped to accommodate materials storage. Instructional support and
    educational items and/or information are to be removed at the close of each meeting.
    • Paper and plastic products (plates, cups, plastic ware, etc.) are available in the kitchens for use
    by St. Matthew ministries.
    • Food and drinks are not to be left in rooms or in refrigerators. Please remove immediately
    following your event.
    • White/dry erase boards should be wiped clean.
    • Lights should be turned off after the completion of each meeting or activity.
    • Please be respectful of the working office staff and others meeting on the campus. Loud or
    lengthy conversations should not be conducted in the hallways.
    • Children must never be left unattended. All children must be supervised by a parent or
    authorized adult. Failure to comply will result in cancellation of future room reservations and
    privileges to use the facilities.
    • Video cameras are strategically placed to monitor vandalism and to provide a safe
    environment for all.
    • Failure to comply with this policy will result in a $50 maintenance fee to be paid by the
    room/facility Requestor.
    Pastor’s Approval: Father Patrick T. Hoare
    Approval Date: Jan. 1, 2018