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Baby Bottle Campaign

As of May 10, the Baby Bottle Campaign has collected $17,850. The Knights of Columbus, mothers and their babies are extremely thankful to all of you. We are overwhelmed by your loving generosity to the cause of life. The size of the donations and sacrifices of many individuals and families was truly inspiring. You even embraced the ability to donate by the QR-code, used for the first time on the baby bottle labels. Of the 1,100 distributed bottles, only 562 were returned. You can return any bottles to the church office during office hours. Each one you return represents an additional $1 donation for life. If you have not donated, please consider using the QR-code to help save precious lives.


Knights of Columbus are men committed to acting on our faith and helping the world.

Our strong dedication to serving the Church is rooted in our order’s humble beginnings. On Oct. 2, 1881, a group of men met in the basement of St. Mary’s Church on Hillhouse Avenue in New Haven, Connecticut. Called together by their 29-year-old parish priest, Father Michael J. McGivney, these men formed a fraternal society that would one day become the world’s largest Catholic family, fraternal service organization. They sought strength in solidarity, and security through unity of purpose and devotion to a holy cause: they vowed to be defenders of their country, their families and their faith.

The order has been called “the strong right arm of the Church,” and has been praised by popes, presidents and other world leaders, for support of the Church, programs of evangelization and Catholic education, civic involvement, and aid to those in need.

As Knights, our faith is our foundation. Through involvement with the Knights of Columbus, our members become better Catholics. Our fraternity of brotherhood gives us the strength and desire to grow in our faith.

Membership in the Knights of Columbus is open to practicing Catholic men who are at least 18 years old.

Charity is the first principle of the Knights of Columbus. Knights are men who get things done. We volunteer our time to serve our parishes and our communities. By working together, St Matthew Council 10852 was able to donate more than $850,000 and 250,000 volunteer hours to worthy causes in the past decade.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please see attached document.

Time Commitment

All are asked to serve as they are able, recognizing that family and job commitments come first.




To learn more about membership, please email (by clicking his name) Grand Knight Philip Giordano.

New to volunteering at St. Matthew? Please read the Safe Environment Policy.