Feeding the Body, Mind, and Spirit of our Brothers and Sisters in Need . . . Locally and Around the World

About the Monsignor McSweeney World Hunger Drive

St. Matthew Catholic Church celebrates the 21st anniversary of the Monsignor McSweeney World Hunger Drive, as we continue to build a “Bridge of Hope” by providing food, sustainability projects, and education to our brothers and sisters locally and around the world. 

Many in Haiti are living a nightmare due to food shortages, poor living conditions, and lawlessness. Our MMWHD effort is working to build a “Bridge of Hope” by creating two oases of hope, love, and joy through the support of the Missionaries of the Poor (MOP) in Cap Haitian, and Hands for Haiti, which operates St. Marc School in Tremesse. 

Our parish, through the Monsignor McSweeney World Hunger Drive, is making an impact by doing God’s will and bringing hope to our brothers and sisters in need in Haiti, Jamaica, Venezuela, India, and locally in our community. Through the exceptional generosity and efforts of our parishioners and friends in the community, we’ve been able to provide:

  • Over 4.1 million pounds of food and medical supplies
  • Over 3.5 million packaged meals primarily to Haiti and our local community through our meal-packing efforts
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars for sustainability and education projects
  • Over 48,000 volunteer service hours to serve the poor.

This year’s goal is to raise $340,000, which will help provide a minimum of 300,000 pounds of food and critical supplies. Donations will also fund sustainability projects and subsidize the education of children at St. Marc. A donation of $100 will help feed a child for a year and save them from starvation.

How You Can Participate in this Year’s Event

This year marks the 21st year of our Monsignor McSweeney World Hunger Drive, and once again, we are counting on your generosity to help us reach our goal and continue our mission to provide food and support to the hungry and homeless locally and around the world.

The drive will be conducted in two parts:

Part 1: Fundraising

The fundraising campaign will take place from July 15 – August 6. The goal is to raise $340,000 which will be used to:

  • Provide a minimum of 300,000 pounds of food and critical supplies to the Missionaries of the Poor for distribution in Cap Haitien.
  • Continue to fund sustainability projects, subsidize the education of students at St. Marc School, expand the sewing trade school, and start an agricultural trade school.
  • Continue to support feeding children in Venezuela and a boy’s hostel in India.
  • Provide food and funds to assist our local homeless.

Two Fundraising Opportunities:

Participate in the Annual Hoops for Hunger 3v3 Tournament which will take place on Saturday, August 5. To learn more or register, click the button below.

Make a direct donation – You’ll be able to allocate where you’d like your donation to go. Choose from food, bulk rice & beans, sustainability, education (St. Marc School/Sewing Trade School/Agricultural Trade School), or wherever needed.

Part 2: Meal-packing Event

Join us for the in-person meal-packing event which will take place in the St. Matthew Parish Center on Saturday, August 12. The goal is for 1,200 volunteers to assemble 300,000 meals. It takes a village – please consider signing up to help!

In addition to packing meals, many other volunteer opportunities are available to support this important event. Our meal-packing events are a great way for individuals and families of all ages to work together, have fun, and fulfill our mission of serving our brothers and sisters in need, locally and around the world.

“Do you want to do something beautiful for God? There is a person who needs you. This is your chance.” – Mother Teresa

Thank you for your gift of love. We are truly one family, connected in Christ and moved by the Spirit.