We are not just called to GO to church, we are called to BE THE CHURCH!

Find volunteer service, social and spiritual community opportunities that fit your schedule and fill your heart.

Adults NEW to volunteering at St. Matthew? Please read our Safe Environment Policy.

As St. Matthew ministries reopen, we need teens, adults and families who are interested in helping out!  Please contact Diane Kiradjieff if you would like to be put in touch with our ministry coordinator!

Upcoming Service Opportunities

RED = Adults or Teens; GREEN = Families; ORANGE = Adults Only; PURPLE = Anyone!

SUMMER SERVICE DAYS (Ballantyne and Waxhaw Campus): The Faith & Family team could use some extra hands to help prepare for our summer events and upcoming year! These service opportunities are open to all Middle School and High school youth. Make sure to look at each event for time & location details. Be dressed in comfortable clothes & athletic shoes. SIGN UP HERE

Ongoing Service Opportunities

RED = Adults or Teens; GREEN = Families; ORANGE = Adults Only; PURPLE = Anyone!

FAITH-FAMILY OFFICE HELP (Ballantyne Campus, weekday mornings or afternoons) The Faith and Family Team needs periodic help with office tasks such as curriculum material preparation, storage organization and supply maintenance. Volunteer opportunities are by appointment only. To help out, please email Amy or Diane.

JOY CARDS FOR NURSING HOME RESIDENTS! Follow the instructions found HERE, and bring your cards by the church office in an envelope marked “RESIDENT CHEER!”

DONATED GOODS MINISTRY (Ballantyne Campus, second Saturday of the month)The Donated Goods Ministry is in need of energetic adult or teen volunteers capable of packing, organizing, and heavy lifting. Sign up is updated monthly and can be accessed HERE!  For questions or more information please call Catherine Sforza at 704-576-7776.

MEL’S DINER MINISTRY (Ballantyne Campus every Saturday of the month) Mel’s needs adult and teen assistance providing and delivering meals to the the most vulnerable in our Charlotte community on Saturday mornings at 9am. Sign up to make a casserole or  store bought  tasty treats, load the truck, or make deliveries. Mel’s Diner volunteers meet shortly before 9am at the Mel’s Truck and Pod near the Daily Mass Chapel at the St. Matthew Main Campus. There are lots of opportunities to assist. For more information and to RSVP please click HERE.