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How do we get ready for small groups before teens even arrive? I think brainstorming some things that may be in current culture that may impact teens at the moment and find a way to make this a teaching moment about our faith.

This is something I have been thinking a lot about in recent weeks. Watching how teens engage with social media and network today is very different. They are given so much information, but with little context. I think that we need to find ways to connect these ideas within our small group. Recently, for example, there was much in the news with regard to the U.S.military and the Iranian General that was killed. While they do not know what, when, where, or why of this topic, they are discussing it on Tiktok and other SM platform like crazy. Many are making jokes about it, but there are some deeper concerns lying beneath that may bubble up. For example, they are discussion WWIII and the potential of being drafted (including women) underneath the joking. While I don’t know that it’s my place to discuss this at length, it could be a concern to them.

Side Note: there is a new series on Neflix called “Messiah”. Not sure if they have watched it, but would love to know your thoughts on that.

Why is discussion so important during small group time?
I think it is important because it will give them that sense of “belonging” the video addressed. WE don’t want to preach, so this is a way to just bring in what’s going on in the real world without making it too personal at first. Eventually, I would prefer that they lead with a topic from there and we could be in a position to just listen to them. Praying for all involved would be a great way to teach them what our role as Catholics is in all this. It doesn’t matter how much we understand, but we can love each other and ask for God’s help and guidance of the Holy Spirit as we navigate these complicated waters.

What is the goal?
Ultimately, we are aiming to make disciples and hopefully, helping them develop a sense of community in our Church.

How can we partner with parents and why should we partner with parents?