Living Your Strengths Ministry Contacts:

Leanne Burnett or Valerie Menzel at 980-349-8015 (Google Voice) or email

Strengths Introduction

So often we are told that to be successful and achieve our goals we need to stop doing this, or start doing that , or work on this weakness. Living Your Strengths helps to shift our focus concentrating on doing more of what we are good at doing and using our limited time and energy to develop our talents and strengths. God made us for a purpose with unique talents do you know what they are? Come discover your God-given talents! We use Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment as a starting point. The cost of this program is the fee for the assessment that is paid directly to Gallup. Contact Leanne Burnett or Valerie Menzel for more information.

Strengths Exploration

New small groups are always forming! Inquire about a small-group program designed to help you discover you God-given talents with the guidance from a facilitator. Great way to meet new people when you are stepping into new ministries. Together your small group will explore the talents and how to apply them personally, professionally, spiritually in order to best suit your ministry. Strengths Introduction is not a pre-requisite . Email for questions and registration.

Strengths Coaches; by appointment

Strengths coaches are available for free one-on-one coaching sessions to help you set goals and apply your God-given talents and strengths. Coaches will guide you as you delve into a deeper understanding of your strengths to embrace and unleash their potential in your life. the only pre-requisite is completion of the Clifton StengthsFinder assessment.