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As a people of faith, we are called to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Catechesis - teaching the faith - is an essential work of the Church. Beginning in the home and permeating parish life, catechesis attempts to echo the faith in the liturgy, sacraments, words and works. St. Matthew faith formation programs for children and adults present rich opportunities for all parishioners to grow closer to God and deepen their spiritual lives, both on an individual basis and as a community of faith. Programs are offered throughout the year for parishioners of all ages.

Faith Formation Registration

Registration is ongoing. Please stop by the Faith Formation Office Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., to register in person. Bring your completed registration form with your updated family email, medical information, child's new grade and school information. Register with payment by check or cash only. We will not be able to honor the placement of your child with a specific catechist, nor may a catechist request a specific child in their class. We will not be able to honor a request for students to be placed together in a classroom. If you have any questions, please contact Carmen Dominguez at 704-541-8362 x 1.

Faith Formation Information and Forms
2014-2015 Faith Formation Calendar
2014-2015 Faith Formation Registration Form
Called To Be A Catechist


Faith Formation for Children
Elementary (Grades K-5)
Middle School (Grades 6-8)
High School (Grades 9-12)
Sacramental Preparation
Special Religious Development (SPRED)Catechist Information
Vacation Bible School

Youth Ministry
Middle School/Xtreme Edge
High School/Life Teen
Youth Basketball

Adult Faith Formation
St. Matthew yoUniversity (SMyoU)
Becoming Catholic (RCIA)
Christ Renews His Parish
Living Your Strengths
Special Religious Development (SPRED)
Summer Forum

Catholic School Families
Msgr. McSweeney's letter to participating parishioners.