Family Service Project: Happy Birthday Kits!

Everyone deserves a birthday cake to celebrate their special day.
Let’s celebrate the birthday of our Catholic church by sharing with others. Help us make it easy for those in need to celebrate the ones they love by purchasing the items listed in the HAPPY BIRTHDAY! link below and building a kit at home. We will collect the kits in the front courtyard of the Church on Pentecost Sunday, May 23 after Mass celebrations (10am to 1:30pm). Kits will go to the St. Matthew Food Pantry, Mel’s Diner Ministry, and Second Harvest Food Bank.

2021 Graduates – We Are Proud of You!

This moment in history certainly will be a memory you will carry with you forever. We want you to know how proud the St. Matthew community is about your achievements and for graduating!

We invite you to submit, via the link below, a digital senior photo, the school you are graduating from (for college graduates, include your degree), and let us know your plans for next year (school, occupation, etc.) so that we can highlight you on social media and our website.

Virtual Graduate Wall!

Baccalaureate Mass for 2021 Graduates

We invite you and your family to celebrate your graduate. Join us on Thursday, May 20 for a Baccalaureate Mass at 6:30 pm. Graduates must arrive by 6 pm in the Parish Center Gym dressed in their cap and gown. You are invited to join us after Mass in the courtyard for cupcakes. We look forward to this opportunity to celebrate and give thanks to God.  Please be sure to RSVP HERE, so we know how many to expect!

Catholic Social Teaching

Made for Community: An Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching
9 weeks
Father Peter Ascik, Rachel Willoughby and Dr. David Glasow
Wednesdays, April 14 to June 14
7 to 9 pm
Banquet Room
No Fee, please register (click the title of the class)

“To teach and to spread her social doctrine pertains to the Church’s evangelizing mission and is an essential part of the Christian message…” (Centessimus Annus, 5)

Pope St. John Paul II has two things to say about the social teaching of the Catholic Church: it is essential and it is evangelical. The social teaching of the Catholic Church helps us understand who we are and how we are to relate to one another. How do we answer the perennial question: Lord, who is my neighbor? Jesus answered this question with the story of the Good Samaritan. How do we see our world today through the eyes of the Good Samaritan? Created for community, it is essential that we spend some time contemplating the goods and structures of societies. It is precisely because it is so essential, affecting every aspect of our worldly lives, that the social teaching of the Catholic church is such fertile ground for evangelization. We pray for the earth to be made like the kingdom of heaven daily in the Our Father. Through its social teaching, the Church works toward this reality.
Through these nine weeks of Catholic Social Teaching, we will work through the approach of the Catholic Church to some of the major questions of our times, encounter some heroes of recent history who lived these principles well, and hopefully leave more inspired to live out these principles ourselves.

“The Church, in fact, has something to say about specific human situations, both individual and communal, national and international.” (Centessimus Annus, 5)

Join us on Wednesday, April 14 to find out what it is.

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