ALL ABOARD! VBS 2020 Registration!

Vacation Bible School 2020

June 20 to 26, 9 am to noon

This summer we embark on a journey like none before!  So, get your ticket and be ready when you hear… ALL ABOARD!

Registration is now open for volunteers (must be rising sixth grade or older) and participants (must be rising kindergarten through rising fifth grade).  To learn more, or to register, click on the ticket pictured below!

Ash Wednesday

February 26

Main Church:

Mass: 7:00 am, 8:15 am, 12:10 pm, 7:30 pm

Prayer Services: 10:30 am, 3:30 pm, 5:30 pm



Mass: 7:00 pm

Prayer Services: 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm

12-Hour Reconciliation and Adoration

March 6, 7:30 am to 8 pm, enter through front entrance of the church. 

Priests are available for confession during the entire 12-hour period of Eucharistic adoration. The liturgical season of Lent reminds us that God is gracious and merciful. Take this opportunity to come before the Lord with contrite heart and experience His unconditional love and mercy first-hand.

Eucharistic adoration is a special opportunity to be in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Spend time in silent prayer, personal reflection, reading Scripture, or private meditation, all while in the presence of Christ. Jesus is waiting…do not miss this opportunity to spend time with Him.

2019 Tithing Report

Your offertory giving supports more than just the 100 plus ministries of St. Matthew. St. Matthew is a tithing parish. Over 10% of our offertory collections are given away to charity to fund various national and international needs. In addition, St. Matthew extends a helping hand through our diocesan collections, Catholic schools tuition assistance and the Diocesan Support Appeal. Because of our parishioners’ generosity, St. Matthew was able to contribute a total of over $3,000,000 during 2019! Click here for the 2019 Tithing Report.

Children’s Music Ministry

We’ve got three different children’s choirs, and we need YOUR child to come join us for the fun! We raise our voices in praise of our God and sing at Masses several times throughout the year. For more info and links to each choir, see below .

Boys’ Choir (3rd – 8th grade boys) New this season!!!! Our Boys’ Choir welcomes older boys who love to sing, and who will thrive in a fun community of like-minded friends. The Boys’ Choir co-leads the congregation in song (with the Girls’ Choir) at 9 a.m. Mass every second Sunday of the month from October through May. Rehearsals: Every second and fourth Thursday, September through May,  from 6 to 6:50 pm, in the choir room at the main campus. Just come to the choir room and get ready to sing! Time commitment: 50 minute rehearsals twice monthly, plus 1.5 hours for Mass once a month.

Girls’ Choir (3rd – 8th grade girls) Calling all older girls who love to sing and want to become part of a fun ministry of friends. The Girls’ Choir co-leads the congregation in song (with the Boy’s Choir) at 9 a.m. Mass every second Sunday of the month from October through May. Rehearsals: Every first and third Thursday, September through May,  from 6 to 6:50 pm, in the choir room at the main campus. Just come to the choir room and get ready to sing! Time commitment: 50 minute rehearsals twice monthly, plus 1.5 hours for Mass once a month.

The Grace Notes Children’s Choir (K – 2nd grade children) This choir  is a fun, uplifting, and positive way to introduce the young child to the church choir. Your child will strengthen his or her relationship with Jesus, while having a great time singing, dancing and playing through music. The Grace Notes sing a prelude to four Sunday Masses during the choir season. Rehearsals: Every first and third Thursday, September through May, from 5 to 5:30 pm, in the choir room at the main campus.  Just come to the choir room and get ready to sing! Time commitment: 30 minute rehearsals twice monthly, plus 1.5 hours for Mass four times during the choir season.

St. Matthew Census Update 2019

It is time for an update!
How long have you been a member of St. Matthew? Our parish records are showing signs of age. Most of the information in our database was provided when you registered at St. Matthew. Much of it is outdated, particularly phone numbers and email addresses. We have reached out via email to as many households as possible, but if we have not reached you, please take a few moments to  to complete the census electronically. Click here to access the census.

We want to stay in touch. Thank you!


The purpose of the Diocesan Support Appeal (DSA) is to help provide the annual funding necessary to carry out the mission of our diocese – namely to fulfill our call to “grow ever more perfectly into a community of praise, worship and witness, and to become a leaven of service and sign of peace through love in the Piedmont and Western North Carolina.” The DSA provides funding for the ministerial arm of the diocese.

The DSA provides support for more than 20 services that Catholic Charities of Charlotte offers throughout the diocese. The appeal also provides funding for the Housing Ministry, Education Ministries (providing over 30 different services), Multicultural Ministries, Eucharistic Congress, and Vocations. Some of these ministries provide services beyond the scope of individual parishes and some exist for the sole purpose of assisting parishes in their own mission to teach, evangelize and serve.

To make your pledge, click here.



2019-2021 Pastoral Plan

2019-21 Pastoral Plan Executive Summary

2019-2021 Pastoral Plan

Get involved! Click here to see how you can help make the Pastoral Plan a success!

To the faithful disciples of St. Matthew Catholic Church,

I am pleased to offer for your consideration the 2019-2021 Parish Pastoral Plan for our parish family.

I was appointed as the pastor of this amazing community shortly over one year ago. In that time, I have experienced great joy in the fruits of the Holy Spirit that have been at work here since 1986.  The vibrant liturgies, the sacrificial service, and the spirit of evangelization that is so evident here draws all who pass through our doors into a large, yet intimate, parish family, but most importantly, into a personal relationship with the Lord.

We are not unaware, however, of the challenges that we face in today’s world. Secular experts have declared the current times as the beginning of the “post-Christian” era. God is seen as no longer relevant in a culture that has determined truth to be subjective and the individual to be the only true god. Mass attendance is in decline, reception of the sacraments has become less common, and young people are leaving the Church in alarming numbers. Our parish community is no exception to this trend.

But we are not the first to confront a world that rejects Jesus. The first disciples, in fact, were met with skepticism, hostility, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Alone, they were powerless.  And so they did what Jesus taught them to do—to seek an intimate relationship with the Father, who would fill them with the power that would transform the world.

Our 2019-2021 Parish Pastoral Plan, then, is based on that simple model. By fostering a deeper spirituality in our parish community, and by using the gifts we are given in our encounter with youth and young adults, we allow the Spirit to speak and act through us.

It worked 2000 years ago. With God’s help, it will work for us today.

I look forward to our future together.


Patrick T. Hoare

Join our clergy, staff and ministry leaders as we pray for our parish and intentions at 3 pm daily.


Prayer is the key to all we do here at St. Matthew. If we are not praying for each other, and for our parish, we can’t hope to serve the Lord and his people to the best of our ability while drawing on his grace. I invite you to join in prayer for our parish and for each other every day at 3 pm. Set your cell phone alarm for 3:00 and stop…no matter what you’re in the middle of….and pray an Our Father for our parish and for intentions.

Let’s count on one another’s prayers!