To welcome all who gather to worship, in the same spirit that we welcome family and friends to our homes.

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Ministry leader is needed.
  • Arrive about 20 minutes before your scheduled Mass time and pick a door (there are four in the Narthex, one at the choir/office side entrance, and one by the Daily Mass Chapel). Open the door and greet everyone who comes.
  • We try to keep the doors to the Sanctuary closed to keep out the noise and maintain climate control. If managing the door is difficult for you, some greeters do prop it open. Just be aware of how audible you are to those in the Sanctuary and please close it when you go into the worship space for Mass.
  • If it is possible for you to remain at your door until the Gathering song, that would be great! If not, stay as long as you can so you can welcome as many as possible. Greeters do not pass anything out, especially bulletins, unless asked by someone in authority, like Monsignor!
  • 9 am Mass Greeters serve according to a set schedule, so please contact Janet if you would like to serve them. For other Masses, just arrive early and choose your door.

Time commitment of volunteers:

Half hour per Mass

To volunteer or ask a question, contact Michelle Sutter, 469-964-2613.

New to volunteering at St. Matthew? Please read our Safe Environment Policy.