St. Matthew > Pre-Lent Speaker Series: It’s a Wrap!

If you missed any of the talks (or want to re-visit them), the recordings are now posted on the St. Matthew YouTube channel! Links below, for your convenience:

Night 1 – Prayer
Fr. Michael discusses how during prayer, “Heaven and Earth are drawn together”, and how we can place ourselves in environments conducive to deep prayer. He uses examples from his own Byzantine tradition and also provides history and context for the various rites of the Catholic Church.

Night 2 – Fasting
Fr. Michael examines how fasting can help us grow in virtue through asceticism, and identifies the main reasons why we fast. Also, he proposes that “Prayer is asking God to do something; Fasting is attempting to not get in the way”.

Night 3 – Almsgiving
In his final night, Fr. Michael demonstrates how Almsgiving is closely related to Evangelization.  He also explains how we must earn the right to be heard, using the Belonging -> Belief -> Behavior model.

Should you want to hear more from Fr. Michael, you can catch him on his podcast What God is Not (with Mother Natalia).

Additionally, from July 2015 to August 2019, Fr. Michael co-hosted the Catholic Stuff You Should Know podcast – both are worth checking out!

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