Build an Easter basket for our friends in need

Two options for building an Easter basket for our friends in need!

At its origin the Easter Basket was a sign of prayer, hope and thankfulness for a fruitful Spring season. In the same spirit, join us this Lent in prayerful gratitude for our bountiful blessings by participating in our St. Matthew food “basket” drive.

There are two ways to participate:
Option 1: Assemble an Easter Meal Basket Due: Saturday, March 27 between 10 am and 1 pm in the Parish Center Gym.
Prepare an 18 gallon plastic tub with a lid and include as many of the nonperishable food items listed below to create nearly complete meals. You may also add a personal note to the receiving family. Please drop the completed basket in the Parish Center Gym on Saturday, March 27 between 10 am and 1 pm.

Option 2: Donate single food items in the large grey receptacles at the front entrance of the Church March 13 to 21.
Drop any single items from the list below and drop them off in the large grey receptacles located at the front entrance to the Church between March 13 to 21.

See the list of suggested donations click HERE

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