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    Below are some quotes and notes that stood out to me from the 4 videos:

    Answering questions that the teens aren’t even asking.
    Helping teenagers take ownership of their faith; that’s discipleship. And discipleship happens through friendships.
    Semantic satiation – saying things over and over again to the point where that word or phrase loses its meaning.
    Disciple, and discipler, and discipleship.
    Discipleship is a customizable process; it’s not a program. teens arent interested the the answers of questions that aren’t asking themselves.
    Programs and videos don’t make disciples; disciplers do. It’s almost like a teacher or a coach: customize information to meet their needs.
    Discipleship is a process for the discipler too.
    The need to be understood and the need to belong.
    Teens are not told what to believe, but invited in the discussion.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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