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What Popes Have Said About Cursillo


A Charism is a free gift from the Holy Spirit, given to an individual person, and given for the good of the whole Church.

When Saint Pope John XXIII called for Vatican Council II to be held, Cursillo had already spread through five continents.  The windows and doors were already open and the Holy Spirit was working.  By the time the Vatican Council II implementations were beginning, the Cursillo Movement had stretched from Mallorca, Spain, to 20 countries in five continents.  

Pope Paul VI at the 1st World Ultreya in Rome                   

 “I am therefore delighted to join in your thanksgiving to the

Lord for all He has done and never ceases to do in the Church

through the Cursillo de Cristiandad. 


Pope Paul VI recognized the value of the Cursillo Movements when he gave his blessing to its work in 1966.

“This method of Christian teaching commonly called Cursillos in Christianity extends  already over a great number of the faithful and has produced abundant fruit: Christian renewal of the family life; vitalization of parishes; faithful observance of duties in private  as well as public life.  All this has filled with the greatest satisfaction the Bishops and the other shepherds of souls.

“Cursillo’s de Cristiandad, that is the word, purified through experience, affirmed by its  fruits, that today travels with citizenship papers throughout the world…Christ, the  Church, the Pope, are counting on you!”

Saint Pope John Paul II also recognized the valuable gift of Cursillo:

“…the Cursillo method aims at helping to transform in a Christian way the milieus where people live and work through the involvement of ‘new men and women’ who have become such from their encounter with Christ.  This is the goal of a three-day ‘little  course’ on Christianity, in which a team of priests and lay people, supported by the  prayer and sacrifices of the movement’s other members, communicate the fundamental truths of the Christian faith in an especially ‘living’ way. ”


Pope Benedict XVI

With Eduardo Bonin, self-titled “Christian Apprentice”, Founder of Cursillos in Christianity.


Pope Francis

“Cursillistas are called to build on the charism the Lord has intrusted to us.”

“Step out of their comfort zone and have the courage to reach all the suburbs that need the light of the Gospel.”

“We give thanks to God for all the fruits that the Cursillo in Christianity Movement has generously given the Church.”  June 13, 2011

“The little seed sown in Spain more than 50 years ago has become a great tree rich in fruits of the Spirit.”  May 6, 2002

“Cursillo is an instrument raised up by God for the proclamation of the Gospel in our time.”